About Us

OFFICINE di MARCO POGGIPOLINI S.r.l. was established by Marco Poggipolini, the owner, and his wife, Monica Pratelli.
The new company was opened in November 2006 in order to develop the use of special alloys in the marine field: the Marine Division, a new supplier for components in titanium and other metals. Though the company is new, it incorporates long-standing experience and mature technologies, as proven by the renewed partnerships in the racing sector, with America’s Cup designers such as those of Mascalzone Latino-Capitalia and, in the boat-building sector, with one of the most innovative companies in recent years, Wally Europe.

These qualified experiences in the short lifetime of the company were made possible thanks to the personal history of Marco and Monica.
Marco, in fact, was 50% partner and Director of Poggipolini S.r.l. until almost the end of 2006. Working in the handicraft activity of his father, Calisto Poggipolini, which had begun way back in 1950, he was able to personally contribute to the industrial development of the company which achieved high levels of turnover. The company was successful in the sector of processing special alloys (Ergal, Titanium) and became a benchmark as regards technology and development. In the sector of titanium and further afield, the name Poggipolini is a guarantee of skill and professionalism.

Monica, has always loved the sea, so much so that she won Italian competitive swimming championships and was one of the first women instructors to obtain the CMAS sport licence III under the guidance of the incredible Franco Pavone and Duilio Marcante, X MAS frogmen during the II world war.
Scuba diving was the common denominator for starting their “sea adventure” together and for transferring Marco’s thirty years of experience and Monica’s passion to the marine sector. The prestigious experience achieved with their participation in the America’s Cup, during Luna Rossa’s debut, strengthened their conviction and desire to continue this adventure: even more so for “choice and passion”.

Officine di Marco Poggipolini sets out to propose its offer to operators in the marine field whilst exploring other new potential markets. Its main market covers shipyard, both sail- and engine-powered, specialised designers, as well as individual ship owners concerning the development of custom projects realised with leading-edge innovative materials.

The company proposes to extend its offer with a Team Service of qualified people capable of operating directly on site to provide a complete customer care service: pre-sales, for measuring and/or checking data, and post-sales, providing a maintenance and/or overhaul service.

Always with the aim of helping its customers to develop their personal projects, the company has already begun working with partners based in the United States, as focal points for the American market. Through them, it will be possible to acquire accessories with specific characteristics and possible exclusive agreements for marine accessories in the European market.

Given the above, it is clear that, though the company is very young, its activities are not new, but can rely on a well-known name, consolidated know-how, previous success stories and long-standing business relationships.

Our organisation and philosophy lead us to present ourselves not simply as a supplier of mechanical components, but as a real and proper partner in the production process phases: “a supplier of solutions to our customers’ needs”.

In this range, we set out to develop solutions based on the needs of our customers and that are flexible enough to be adapted to any modifications made during the production process.
Officine di Marco Poggipolini can co-ordinate this process thanks to its market experience and network of subcontractors whose reliability and competence has been proved during years of collaboration. Our customers are thus able to dialogue with just one interlocutor, from the purchase of raw materials up to the delivery of the finished product.

Thanks to the know-how it has matured in different sectors (automotive, biomedical, motor parts), the Bologna-based company has also developed an operation that could be defined as ‘line extension’, that is, the production of components that go hand-in-hand with the exquisitely custom production.