The distinguishing features of Officine di Marco Poggipolini are skill and professionalism as it offers every new customer its store of knowledge and technical know-how and is totally willing to assess individual needs. The Bologna-based company carefully assesses the continual improvement of its production processes and costs in order to achieve a level of efficiency that allows it to achieve full customer satisfaction.

  • Research: for acquiring and analysing information about the material, finishes and treatments
  • Production process: study and analysis of production solutions depending on the materials and the specific requests of individual customers
  • Quality control: though the company does not have a dedicated department, it can provide certification, from the raw material to specific final testing, thanks to its collaboration with one of the most qualified laboratories, Eurolab.

Just like a real team, we are ready to accept any challenge and act as a real and proper partner of our customers, also providing co-design services that are increasingly more focused on the business on-demand philosophy.

Officine di Marco Poggipolini works together with a pool of subcontractors in order to propose differentiated solutions. It provides co-design services with Solidworks CAD 3D; there is also an ABS prototyping station which produces samples for functional testing as well as final individual pieces which are then coated and/or painted.